Happy retired couple moving into home

There’s a good reason why retiring and buying a new home are considered to be some of life’s most stressful events. And this is a list, by the way, that includes things like divorce, losing a job, and being sent to jail!

Let’s face it, the real estate business can be brutal. Selling a home (especially a family home) is as close as most of us will ever come to experiencing the feeling of high-stakes gambling. You are wagering hundreds of thousands of dollars; with only minutes at some open home to inspect; make a decision; bid; then slap down a huge, non-refundable deposit. After all that, you’ve got only weeks to get your place sold and move out of it.

At least there’s one way to turn down the pressure on all this anxiety; and that’s by experiencing the Green Ridge Hunter Valley difference.

Here’s the seven-step guide

Step 1: Get in touch

Contact our sales office, ask questions, get answers… whatever you need to know, we can help you.

Step 2: Make an appointment

Come and take a personally guided tour of the display villas with the friendly staff member you’ve spoken to.

Step 3: Take a good look around

Have a drive around the local area. Visit Huntlee Town Centre. Then, tour Green Ridge Hunter Valley.

Step 4: Choose your villa, then reserve it

Right now you’re thinking: “Reserve a villa?! That’s WAY too much of a commitment!”

Of course, in any other real estate scenario you’d be absolutely right. But this is Green Ridge. Once you reserve a villa, we take your contact details and give you a couple of weeks to think things through. There’s no contracts to sign, no deposits to pay.

You can come back and see the villa again. Ask more questions. You can even reserve a villa without even having sold your place. It’s all good with us.

Retired couple meeting with financial advisor

Step 5: Due diligence stage

Everyone who sells and buys a home should seek independent, professional financial advice. Speak to your accountant. Speak with your bank manager. With Green Ridge you have the time you need.

If you have already sold your home, we usually can move our settlement date to match yours. If you’re still getting your home on the market, we can wait for you to make that happen too. When you have confirmed a settlement date, we will ensure all the relevant paperwork gets to your conveyancer or solicitor.

And if, for whatever reason, things fall through at your end, you don’t pay a cent.

The important thing to remember is we give you the time you need. We won’t pester you with phone calls, we only check-in from time to time to see how things are going, and help out if required.

Step 6: Final inspection

Two weeks before your move-in date, you get to thoroughly inspect your new villa.

Of course, we’re sure you’ll be absolutely delighted with the build… but let’s say, hypothetically, you’re not happy. Guess what… you can still walk away. If fact, you don’t pay a cent until the day you move in.

We don’t think you’ll find another real estate transaction as stress-free as this.

Step 7: Move in

Our sales team are still here to answer any questions you have, to help you coordinate, to make your move go without a hitch.

Along with all the other lifestyle benefits of Green Ridge Hunter Valley, moving into a brand new home benefits you in so many ways. Add to that, a sales team that works to your schedule, and you’ve got hassle-free retirement living the way it should be.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Get in touch with us today!

Green Ridge Hunter Valley is the definition of luxury retirement living at a surprisingly affordable price. Our range of beautiful, architecturally designed display villas are now open for inspection. So, stop dreaming and come and see for yourself!

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